Sure Fire Wedding Ideas: A Backyard Wedding

Some bride and grooms would rather elope than have all the aggravation and expense of an elaborate wedding. This is especially true if they are on their second or third weddings.

If this is the path you decide on you will learn that you may be tasteful and frugal at the same time. After all, the brides and grooms of yesteryear were quite resourceful when it came to getting things done. Of course, many of them still want to have the reception when they get home.

Before the days of the huge wedding there were simple ceremonies and a few friends and family members got together to celebrate the nuptials of the happy couple.

Men can be in charge of grilling or moving chairs and tables if the event will take place outside, as well as spreading a few decorations in honor of the happy couple. While some people drink champagne the rest drink beer from a tap. Tapped beer only costs around $150 and will last all night long. Enough champagne for toasting purposes will run under $75. With everyone in casual or their Sunday best there is really no need for a new outfit.

The bride and groom will want to wear something new of course, but it will be less costly than a traditional gown and tux. Flowers can be a fresh picked bouquet of seasonal flowers. The cake may not cost you more than $50 dollars if you do not have someone that will make it for you as a wedding gift. There are simple tricks to remember when having a simple affair and that is color coordinating and display.

If you can find that special person with an eye for decorating put them in charge of having things displayed in the right manner, this is half the battle. The ladies can put together their best pieces of china and dishes to make a beautiful table for the buffet style table. Some ribbons and bows will set apart the bride and groom at no extra costs.

The ceremony itself need only be a preacher or a visit to City Hall to be married in the judges chambers. The whole set up here will only be the cost of the license and a donation to the official.

Someone to decorate cars and take charge of smaller tasks like that will keep others free for more challenging jobs such as lighting for night time and arranging a place to dance or kick up your heals.

All of this might only take a couple of weeks or a few days if you push it. Make sure you haven’t forgot the camera because when all is said an done the most important thing to remember is the people that love each other are together and they have wonderful fond memories to share for many years to come.

The price of some disposable cameras is about $5 per 27 pictures so if there is no one with a camera you can use this very effective way of preserving your favorite poses. All the way through the beginning of the preparations to the grand finale of the happy couple leaving the guests for the wedding night keep snapping those pictures. It will be greatly appreciated later.

An economical wedding like this will cost you less than $1,200 but will be just as beautiful as the most elaborate weddings ever.

Don’t forget to send some thank you cards to all the helpful friends and family that made your wonderful day possible. And perhaps you might offer to return the favor sometime in the future.

A quickie wedding may not be the wedding of many people’s dreams but for a second and third wedding, these are often ideal choice.

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