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Weddings are never complete without a wedding reception. In this party, family and friends of the bride and groom get to mingle with each other. This is a great social event, which has many wedding traditions. Where wedding parties should be held?

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The venue of the wedding party should be safe and presentable. Aside from that the venue should not be too far from the wedding place. Couples should also consider parking spaces for guests. Another factor to consider is the fees for such a party, how much is the basic rental fee, clean up fee and overtime fee? What rules does the place have? The comfort of the guests and your comfort should also be considered.

The size of the venue is another important thing to consider, how many guests are you planning to invite and expect to show up? Lastly, the price is another important factor. How much will the place cost you?

The most common venues for the party are hotels and fine restaurants. Hotels are known to have class and they have package offers for wedding parties. The couple can easily select one that suits their budget. In restaurants, some will reserve a function room or cut the party from the rest of the customers of the restaurants.

These hotels and restaurants already know what to do when it comes to having wedding parties. They can easily come up with food and decorations to make a great party. Having a party in the hotel is good too since out of town guests can be made to stay in the same hotel.

For couples who want to save money, they can have their wedding party in the Bride’s House. Catering will only have to be ordered. Some caterers include in their package decorations. However, the problem about parking space should be considered if the couple will choose to have their wedding party in the bride’s home. The party may disrupt the neighborhood.

Other places to hold wedding parties are scenic park pavilions, inns and beaches. These choices offer an alternative from the usual restaurant parties. Lodge or halls are inexpensive party places. Some garden wedding hit two birds with one stone by having the party in the same place. Outdoor parties are great during warm dry months.

Choosing the correct venue for a wedding party is important. It is an event that will give you good memories to remember and pictures to look at years after the party has ended.