Advice On Organizing A Wedding: Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are some mistakes you must not make if you are going to have a happy and stress free wedding day.

1. Messing up the marriage license
There are so many rules that vary by state in relation to marriage licenses that many couples mess up this one. For instance, if you get your license 61 days before your wedding in Pennsylvania, you will not able to legally marry on your wedding day because a license is valid there for only 60 days.

Get your license the day before your wedding, and it may be too late because some states impose a three-day waiting period.

The key here is to check the regulations about the license and try to be a minimum 30 days ahead of that.

2. Going over your budget.
It costs a lot of money to throw a wedding no matter who you are. Excited brides start booking vendors and making purchases sometimes without thinking of the total cost.

Planning a wedding is serious business. Prepare a budget and keep track of your spending as you go so that you won’t be left with a half wedding service.

3. Inviting too many guests.
Be certain your guest list and your reception venue match. You should not invite 360 people on the assumption that only 250 will accept, because if you get 320 acceptances you will have far too many guests for the chosen facility.

4. Ordering your wedding gown too late.
If you have set your heart on a couture gown, you had better to place the order at least 6 months in advance since the gown will be custom-made.

Remember, nearly every off-the-rack dresses will require alterations by your wedding day, so make sure you have enough time to get the gown fitted properly at least a week before the wedding. You’ll want to allow plenty of time for shipping and for your fittings. Naturally, the same applies for the bridesmaid dresses.

5. Booking hotel rooms too late.
If you are getting married during a busy time and you don’t check hotel availability beforehand, you can end up with nowhere for your wedding guests to stay. Book rooms as early as possible.

6. Disregarding religious guidelines.
Inappropriate attire for the church or temple, or skipping the pre-canae, may stop your officiate from marrying you on your wedding day. Take your religious restrictions seriously. Meet with your officiate within one month of getting engaged.

7. Just assuming that your wedding guests will know what you expect of them.
For instance if you are having a church wedding in one church and your guests are of different religions or, say, if you are planning a wedding based around a particular theme. You should always let them know what the dress code is and what they can expect during the ceremony and reception. It’s just polite.

8. Booking last-minute beauty treatments
Many people think that having a facial the day before the wedding will help them to look more lovely but may end up with problems instead of glowing skin. Last-minute beauty treatments can lead to skin breakouts.

9. Underpaying invitation postage
You’d be amazed how many brides simply stick a regular stamp on their invites and drop the whole batch into a mailbox. All but a few wedding invitations require additional postage so check the postage rates for your invitations before posting.

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