Xbox 360 Warranty – What it Really Is

The Microsoft Company issue a warranty period for any merchandise bought such as the Xbox 360 gaming console by accepting and reading the terms and condition of the limited warranty which includes the license of the software. It means that you can return it to the Microsoft Company for return or a refund of the merchandise if it has problems and defects. The Microsoft Company will replace or repair your purchased Xbox 360 and they will ship it back to you. The warranty seal or card is attached on the brochure or a sticker or seal in the package box of the Xbox 360. You are guaranteed to have a repair or refund by the Microsoft Company when you have purchased only a genuine product not the fake and imitations. There are certain agreements and terms that are issued by the Microsoft Company on how to use your warranty.

The warranty is an assurance when purchasing their product with a period of time wherein there are only stated numbers of years or a year on how to use your warranty. Like for instance if your Xbox 360 warranty period covers only 1 year or 2 years, it means that you can only make a refund or replacement within that period upon the date of the product purchased. You must read carefully the terms and rules of the warranty coverage before shipping off your game console for refunds otherwise you won’t enjoy your privileges.

We all know that the Xbox 360 errors and problems have been rampant especially the three flashing red lights which is very common to all Xbox 360 owners. That’s why the warranty seal is very important and you have to keep it for future purposes that you may encounter some troubles regarding your system console. In case you have lost or misplaced your warranty seal or card. The good news about the Xbox 360 warranty is that they have announced that they have expanded their service warranty to accommodate many Xbox owners. The three flashing red lights on your console are covered with a guaranteed 3 years of warranty period from the date of the purchased merchandise.

How can I use my Xbox 360 warranty?

As we have said that there are certain guidelines and terms on how you can use your warranty. You might take a look some few important reminders of the warranty coverage to clear you out on your certain queries.

1. Submit proof of purchase in the form of a dated bill of transaction, receipt or invoice copy supporting that your appeal for service is made within the Warranty Period.

2. Follow the Microsoft’s freight and other guidelines if it regulates that all or part of your Xbox product needs return for repair or replacement. To obtain the warranty service, you must take or transport the Xbox Product in appropriate packaging that provides a sufficient mark of security against damage during shipment, to the Microsoft’s specified location. Excluding as required by legislation in your jurisdiction, costs associated with transportation including the packaging for warranty service shall be at your expense.

3. Remove or eliminate any files or saved data wherein you consider it as a private or confidential before shipping your Xbox Product to Microsoft Company. Duplicate and keep any records or data stored on the Xbox Product.

You should remember these important details before you decide to ship off your console and use the Xbox 360 Warranty otherwise if you lack some of these info, you can’t use your warranty privileges.

The warranty of the Xbox 360 covers a lot and disovering Xbox warranty privileges is easy to be acquires when you know how to use it at the right time.

Being aware of what the Xbox 360 warranty can do good to your product, is one way for you to know that your products could be covered if you know the rules behind it.