The Advantage and Disadvantages of Individual Dental Insurance

If individual dental insurance is not provided by the employer, there is always the possibility to contract it independently. In terms of client preferences, the individual dental insurance represents the most popular and widely used of all services practiced by health insurance companies. In the absence of a dental plan, it would be a debt nightmare to try and pay for all the dental services one needs per year. Most people who lack the possibility to contract an individual dental insurance and don’t get one from their employer, will be tempted to skip regular cleanings and checkups and eventually reach at a deterioration of the oral health.

The issue with individual dental insurance is the impossibility to find it with a good coverage rate. To speak in general terms, an insurance company makes money out of the monthly fee paid by the clients, and the system extends to cars, homes, and all the other valuables. As for dental health, insurance companies are likely to pay money given the huge necessity of dental treatments of their clients, and therefore only partly coverage is provided. Hence many individual dental insurance plans are criticized for being insufficient or faulty.

Individual dental insurance is most often provided to employees, because large companies get tax deductions and attract well trained work force with such packages. And the practice is pretty extended worldwide. Another situation is the purchase of the individual dental insurance directly from the insurance companies under the form of referral plans. With the payment of a monthly or yearly fee, the client gets discounts on regular dental rates from dentists included in the network. The discount is provided based on the insurance card and should there be any remaining sum uncovered, you’ll have to pay it. If you don’t qualify for traditional dental insurance, and this could be your chance on staying healthy and reducing dental expenses too.

The fact that an employer will always get better dental benefits plans as compared to individual dental insurance is explained by the higher premiums businesses can offer to the insurance company. The company covers the largest part of the premium, while the employee pays for a very small part of it. Profit is thus explained by pure mathematics: consider the number of employees and employers and then think about the money they generate for insurance companies. Normally referred to as the group dental plan, the alternative insurance package will bring lots of numerous advantages to users other than the discounts too.

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