Lifelock Compared To Loudsiren

Comparing LifeLock to LoudSiren that is the question.
Comparing things is inevitable even when such a thing is LifeLock vs LoudSiren. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, comparing one thing against the other is always happening. There are times that because of this comparison, disagreements and even heated arguments arise. This happened recently when two acquaintances argued who was best Lifelock or Loud Siren. Normally I would just separate myself from such an argument but in this case I started the “debate”. I didn’t intend to I merely asked for an opinion while having lunch because I didn’t know much about either company. I just wanted to protect my credit and good name and I didn’t even know that one of them used an identity protection company. A simple question to one person set off quite the argument. At least these two were comparing things on the same level this time, you know apples to apples, because I have to admit I have seen them argue before about things that do not have the same qualities.

Anyways this is what I learnt. Lifelock is just like many other identity protection companies. It is the type of company that really does all the work for their clients even though some things could be done yourself such as ordering your credit report. Lifelocks marketing ploy is to show off their CEO’s social security number to show how confident they are about protecting ones identity. This is indeed how I first became aware of this company. LifeLock is also able to generate positive public relations for itself because they have earned many recognitions from prestigious companies. I am not sure what these are but some awards were definitely named.

They have an ISO 27001 certification that proves that their security at company headquarters is first rate. Their investment in security makes them able to provide real protection of the confidentialhand them. LifeLock is also perhaps the only company that can provide identity theft protection services to minors.

Loud Siren, another identity theft protection company slowly climbing the identity protection industry ladder, they are also at par with LifeLock. They can actually speed up the process of your credit requests though I don’t know how. They also put a LoudSiren Safe Number in your credit file that keeps your phone numbers private. Also, during the credit approval request process, reporting fraudulent credit requests is easy to report to law enforcers by pressing a button on your phone.

LoudSiren identity protection has a patent pending technology that is perhaps the closest thing to getting full proof financial identity protection at least when it comes to fraud alerts. LoudSiren also provides an audit trail in case there is a fraudulent activity.

Both LifeLock and Loud Siren place fraud alerts for you and get you a copy of your credit report. They also stop pre-approved credit offers and reduce your junk mail.

I am not positive about every detail as it was difficult to capture all the points made because neither person was talking to me they were just arguing with each other. I definitely have a basis for further research and I will post my results for you shortly.