Wine Gift Baskets

Wine gift baskets are a wonderful offering for any wine enthusiast. These gift baskets are extra special because they can be customized to the person’s tastes. Some people create wine gift baskets for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. These adult gifts are appreciated because they offer a relaxing time that can be shared with friends, a partner or alone. A wine gift basket is one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive…

One gift that stood out above most of the other gifts I received during my bridal shower was a special wine gift basket created by a friend of mine. She chose two wines that were her personal favorites, one red and one white. She included a decorative wine cork in the basket. She also provided my husband and me with lovely towels and two delicate wine glasses with our initials etched in the glass. In addition, she added scented candles as an afterthought.

My husband and I enjoyed the wine gift basket. We had a lovely candlelit evening and we relaxed with our wine and our beautiful glasses. We sipped on the wine while we sorted through our gifts and we reminisced over the thank-you cards that we completed during the evening. One of the most difficult tasks in writing thank-you notes for friends and relatives is remembering who gave which gift. We had no trouble remember our special friend who gave us the wine gift basket.

I still use the basket to hold the very towels she included in the gift. I think of her each and every time I look at the basket. I also think of her each and every time I take a sip of wine out of our monogrammed wine glasses. My husband will mention our friend when he sees the beautiful cork stopper that she included in the wine gift basket. No other gift stood out as well as our wine gift basket. I completely forgot who bought our toaster oven, but I know who took the time to create the thoughtful basket.

My husband and I make sure to create a unique wine gift basket for holidays and special occasions, especially weddings and bridal showers. We know that our friends think of us fondly when they use the special gift. They are each created with the person they are intended for in mind. This makes a wine gift basket an ideal gift for nearly every occasion, and one that will create memories for the giver and receiver.

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