Gifts For Dad

One of the most difficult people to buy for can be your dad. It’s really hard to think of something to buy for a guy who has already lived more than half of his life, and already bought most of his toys during a likely misspent youth. Finding and selecting gifts for dad can definitely be a challenge…

I think one of the most typical and boring gifts for dad has to be socks. Why are socks one of the first things to pop into one’s mind? I think it must be some strange psychological glitch. Somehow the words gifts for dad triggers the response of: socks. It really makes no sense at all, because EVERYONE needs socks at some point, but do you actually choose them as gifts? No, not unless the person is dad himself. Could it be something that happened in childhood that has forever doomed out poor fathers to gift after gift of any sordid variety of socks? Is it something he said perhaps? Whatever it is, it’s a very strange phenomenon.

I have spent a good deal of time trying to dream up the very best gifts for dad. For some reason the second place our minds want to go seems to be: tools. For some reason dad must need another set of tools. A ratchet set perhaps? Or how about a nice new drill? He may not be doing ANY home renovations or special projects at all. In fact, he may have given up on that nonsense years ago, and yet somehow we think some sort of tool is up there on the top ten list of gifts for dad. The top ten crappy gifts perhaps!!

So, what are some good ideas for suitable, usable and even wanted gifts for dad? Many people say to buy him toys, gadgets…. anything technologically inclined. I personally don’t know if I agree. I know that my own father loves this sort of thing, however, I could never afford to buy him the brand name gadgets that catch his eye. Nothing but top-of-the-line, Consumer’s Report-recommended for the likes of him, that’s for certain!

So what does that leave? I say the one of the best gifts for dad has to be alcohol. That way when he’s good and soused he’ll think that you’re his best buddy friend ever, and perhaps he’ll conveniently forget the terrible gifts of the past, and you can turn over a new leaf!

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