Digital Picture Frame

A wooden or a metal Picture Frame is a great gift idea or traditional keepsake to share reminiscences. But changing times need changing ideas, and with the internet and personal web pages we can swap pictures with friends near and far. The technologically challenged, or computer novices, can keep up with Digital Picture Frames, the right gadget for sharing and displaying pictures. A digital photo frame is a LCD screen that functions as a photo frame for several photos. You can have the digital photo frame standing on a table or hanging on the wall. The photo frame can be displaying one picture permanently, or you can set it to change with certain intervals between a larger numbers of photos…

Digital photo frames are rather small devices and even an amateur can start it it does not need any special skills to operate. The photo frame will run without any computer connection, just a small cord to connect to the electricity adapter is needed. You feed the photo frame with a memory card just like a camera or a console does. Some brands of such photo frames take all kinds of memory cards other brands only take some specified cards only. As I know all digital photo frames do take the standard SD card and many have the Five-in-one Card Reader that supports CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. The newer models will have USB 2.0 connections that can be used for fast transfer of pictures from your computer. Even the older USB 1.0 connection will do fine. But still the computer isn’t needed when the picture frame is being used.
The active screen of a digital picture frame is between 7" and 15". The resolution depends on the quality of the photo frame and the size of the active screen. The resolution is typical between 560×420 pixels and 1024 x768 pixels. In the future I am sure we will see still bigger active screens and higher numbers of resolution of the screens. But today’s technology of the digital photo frames is indeed very well developed. The digital picture frames come in many styles. Some are mimics of traditional wooden picture frames fitting into a rather old-fashioned home atmosphere. Other frames are of more modern design, fitting better to young people and to people who are of a more high tech style in their living.
With Christmas and New-year soon approaching we are busy buying gifts and want them to stand out and be unique and a pleasant surprise to the receiver. A gift that has a personal touch is always going to be cherished in time to come. To make a digital photo frame a personal gift isn’t that difficult if you have some relevant pictures. You can simply add a fitting memory card to the gift, and transfer a few photos that you are sure will be regarded as personal and valuable. This is the perfect gift encompassing the right element of love and suits all age groups and is trendy too.

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