Birthday Present For Mom

Choosing a birthday present for Mom really isn’t all that difficult.  Honestly, it isn’t, even for the mom who has everything.  In fact, if anything, choosing a birthday present for Mom is even easier than choosing presents for anyone else in the family.  Why?  What makes her so special?  Mom is easy to shop for because Mom likes cute things, and if you look in the right places cute things are very easy to find…

One of the best birthday presents for Mom is something that you made yourself.  Sure, it sounds a little smarmy, it sounds a little like you’re still in fourth grade and you’re making ornaments for the family tree, but think about this: Mom probably still has the Christmas tree ornament that you made in fourth grade.  It’s probably buried in a box somewhere and she always thinks of you whenever she puts it up on the tree, which happens every year.  Though the wool sweater you found for her last year was probably more expensive and in better taste, there’s a good chance it didn’t mean as much to her as the ornament did, unless maybe you knitted the sweater.  So think, what can you make for Mom that nobody else can?  Maybe you can knit her a sweater.  Or make her another ornament.  Maybe you can frame a photo of the two of you together, or throw her a pot out of clay.  Whatever it is, there’s a good chance she’ll appreciate it, regardless of how much it cost you or how much time it took to make.  Even handmade cards can get an easy “awwwww.”

Another good way to get a birthday present for Mom that she’ll remember is to find something that is reminiscent of some time you spent together.  Did you have a family road trip to Arizona?  Try to find something to do with the desert, either a cactus or a woven blanket or a sombrero, whatever the gift include with it a photo from your trip.  Eventually one of you will say “do you remember the time that we…” and it’ll be off on a trip to memory lane.  After that, every time she uses your present or sees it on the shelf she’ll think of that trip and all of the good memories.  What better gift than treasured memories?

Finally, Moms like to be pampered, and you can never go wrong with a spa treatment or a towel warmer. 

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