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With the introduction of midriff baring shirts, belly button rings have been steadily gaining in popularity. Young women pierce their navels for a variety of reasons most notably because it’s a fun and sexy way to show off a set of toned abs. Belly button rings also look great and allow a woman to express her own individual style… 

Belly button rings can add a fun touch to any outfit. Although they are mainly an adornment of young women, women of all ages can use them to spice up their lives.

The style and design of belly button rings can range from a simple small golden hoop to an extravagant dangling piece. 

The first step in wearing a ring in your navel is to visit a reputable establishment that handles navel piercing. For the first few weeks after your navel is pierced you’ll need to wear a small ring or barbell. It’s important to follow the instructions given to you by the salon that handles the piercing. This includes regular cleaning of the piercing and also being cautious to not catch the jewelry on clothing. 

In many cases the salon that handled your piercing will also have a wide selection of belly button rings there for you to choose from. Although you can’t change the initial piercing right after the procedure you can still purchase a ring that you know you’ll enjoy wearing in the future. 

Once the piercing has healed you can then start buying belly button rings wherever you wish. Many jewelry and department stores have a wide selection. Changing the ring is relatively easy and after doing it a few times you’ll have absolutely no trouble.

You’ll also find that there are many places online to buy belly button rings. This can be a great resource if you haven’t been able to find any that are appealing to you in the stores in your vicinity. Many online retailers that sell jewelry will have a wide selection of navel rings and the cost is very comparable to what you’d pay if you were to walk into a store and buy one.

When your navel is pierced everything from a string bikini to a short tank top looks great because of the addition of the jewelry adorning your navel. Belly button rings are a nice addition to a toned and trim tummy. If you’ve worked hard to keep your body in shape, it’s fun to draw attention to it with a fun and sexy navel ring. 

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