Beer Gifts

For the beer connoisseur, beer gifts serve the purpose for any occasion. The drinking of beer and ale has been enjoyed by countless people for centuries. For the true beer lover,  a number of beer accessories are available to dress up your bar area, such as glasses, mugs, hats, lights, napkins, and most anything you can think of, and quite a few you didn’t think of. Beer making kits also make nice beer gifts for those who take their beer very seriously. There are many retailers, both online and in your local area, that sell supplies to make various kinds of beer, as well as packaged beer, and other beer related products. The process is really not that difficult, and the sales clerk in the store will assist you in picking out brewing supplies, and the just the right ale. You can choose a pale ale, a dark ale, or an amber ale, as well as other varieties, all with just the taste you’re looking for. Then when the occasion arises, you can offer friends and family a beer from your very own collection!..

A very popular beer gift online is ‘beer of the month club’, complete with a personalized label and packaging if you want. There are many catchy funny labels you can choose from to decorate bottles, or you can submit your own customized design. Labels can signify special occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine ’s Day, or a personal passion of the beer lover. Beer of the month clubs make great beer gifts, and memberships are available in six or twelve packs from, and can be purchased for two to twelve month periods of time. Beer on the Wall selects three beers for you sample each month, including light, medium, and dark ales. Also included in your monthly shipment are interesting beer facts, store information, and other beer freebies, like stickers, pins, and other trinkets. Another popular online beer retailer is, which offers beer lovers a great selection of premium and international beers, and five different beer of the month clubs that offer beers in different styles, tastes, and price ranges. You can’t go wrong with beer gifts from any of these online beer retailers. If you or the person you purchased the beer gift for, like one of the beers sampled, more can be  purchased from the online beer store.

Other popular beer gifts include sampler baskets featuring micro brews, international brews, regional brews, and famous brands, as well as those with titillating titles that you probably have never heard of, like ‘Old Gee Spot’. Beer gifts are great because there is a huge selection with something for every beer lover you know, including yourself. Try out different beers, and enjoy the taste in an awesome new beer stein, personalized just for you. There is not one beer lover who wouldn’t love beer gifts, any one of them, all make a great choice. My personal selection would be a beer of the month club with different microbrews and international brands, and of course, a nice set of pilsner glasses to bring out the full flavor of the brew. Beer gifts are fun! Some are practical, and some are just crazy, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

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