A Guide About Sending Pink Roses

We may send flower arrangements to say we are thinking of another person, or to cheer them up. Florist delivered fresh roses can be sent for any type of special event or occurrence, from the birth of a child to the death of a loved one. Pink roses have been around for a very long time and are a natural hybrid of the original red and white roses. The most delicate shades are associated with innocence and especially suited to children. Ask your florist to review the list of flowers, colors and their meanings to insure to convey your true feelings.

Flowers are a universal language. They can express emotions that are difficult to put into words. A flower arrangement sent to a friend in need tells them just how much we care. With flower delivery available almost anywhere you can use flowers to celebrate life’s victories as well as acknowledge life’s defeats.

Sure flowers are objects of beauty. Their fragrance can carry you away. But did you also know that flowers are a way to communicate to the sender what cannot be expressed in words? The art of sending that special flower goes back to ancient times but it gained real popularity during the Victorian period.

In a very formal time, things could be said with a bunch of posies that could not be properly said aloud or even be written in a letter. There were complicated lists of meanings of individual blooms both singly and in combination with others. We still use some of the meanings today.

Everyone knows about red roses as a blatant expression of true love, but what of other colors? Pink roses can also stand for romance, but are seen as less intense and might be more suitable early in a dating relationship. They can also be used to express friendship with almost anyone.

Since the early days of cross pollinating flowers, man has been interested in producing alternative varieties of roses. One of the most successful is the cross between red and white, yielding pink blooms. Varieties now exist covering the entire spectrum of pink from light to dark. The lighter, cream colored pink hues are frequently thought of as symbols of youth and childhood.

Roses of other colors also have particular meanings also. Yellow roses indicate a friendship, or perhaps an apology for an argument. Originally yellow roses were used as an indication of infidelity and cheating. This is a far cry from what we think of them today.

Most people enjoy getting flowers, whether it be red roses for your true love or pink roses to show that you like someone. Ask your florist to review the list of flowers, colors and the meanings associated with each of them. This way you will be sure to convey your true feeling to your recipient. A copy of the flower guide can be included with your flower gift so the receiver knows exactly what you are saying.