Cheap Inflatable Boats – Find Low Cost Inflatable Boats For Fishing and Hunting

Inflatable boats are both portable and lightweight making them very versatile and convenient. These boats typically consist of rubber floors that may contain wood, aluminum, or steel to make them more rigid. The side and bow tubes are constructed of PVC or Hypalon to allow the boat to be more buoyant and lightweight. Certain boats have the option of including an outboard motor that ranges form 5 horsepower to 80 horsepower. These boats are popular as fishing and hunting boats because of their weight and portability. An inflatable boat is an affordable alternative to the more traditional fiberglass or aluminum fishing boat. Cheap inflatable boats are available in a range of different styles. Finding the right boat can be a very tedious and difficult task, but here are some inflatable boats to give an idea of what is on the market.

The SeaHawk inflatable fishing boat is available in two person to four person capacities and range in price from $24.95 to $119.95. The boat is black with yellow and blue accents. It is constructed of high molecular PVC that is resistant to oil, gas, salt water, sunlight, abrasion, and impact. The boat includes a gear pouch, two holders for fishing rods, a grab line, a grab handle at the bow, a repair patch, and welded oar locks. The SeaHawk 400, or four-person boat, has inflatable seat cushions. Optional motor mounts are available for both the SeaHawk 300 and the SeaHawk 400. These boats can be purchased as a set that includes a 12V DC pump and two oars. Each boat has been approved by the U. S. COAST GUARD ID RWTUV.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter HF280 9′ Fishing Boat is available for the price of approximately $150 and features a four person capacity with a maximum weight limit of 700 pounds. The boat is army green in color and has black and yellow accents. It includes two fishing rod holders, two safety valves, two inflatable seats, swivel oarlocks, and a battery pouch. It will accept Sevylors 12 volt motor at either the bow or stern or a 2.5 HP gas motor if placed at the stern.

The Sea Eagle 124 Super Motor Mount Boat is a four person capacity boat with a maximum weight limit of 1,560 pounds and is available for approximately $236. The boat is white with blue accents and is constructed of K80 PVC. It includes two fishing rod holders, an all around grab line, four molded oarlocks, a towing grommet, an I-bean floor, a pressure gauge, three one way air valves, a foot pump, two oars, and a motor mount. It also features an engine capacity of 6hp with a maximum weight of 75 pounds. Its estimated speed with a gas motor is 5-6 mph and 4-5 mph with an electric motor. This boat is very roomy and weighs approximately 95 pounds. Cheap inflatable boats are essential for any avid fisherman or hunter.

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