Portable Solar Power and Solar Chargers: Solio

The Solio Charger

Solio Chargers are small solar battery chargers. They have their own internal batteries, which can store solar energy collected from the sun.

A Solio charger is different than a simple solar panel. This is because it has an internal battery which can store the energy collected through solar cells. This energy can then be used later, to recharge small electrical devices such as cell phones, MP3 Players, PDAs etc.

The Solio Charger acts as a solar rechargeable battery, which can then be used to recharge other devices.

The advantage of this is that you can have the solar battery charge during the day, and then use the built-up energy to recharge a small electrical device at night or on a rainy day.

In other words, you are not stuck to outdoor sunny daytime hours for the use of your solar charger.

The Solio Charger features a fan-blade design, which helps it to receive maximum coverage from the sun, yet remain small and compact, for easy storage and transportation.When you wish to charge your Solio, simply spread out the 3 solar panels and expose them to sunlight (either outside, or at a window). The Internal battery will recharge within 8 to 10 hours.

Once fully charged, the Solio will charge your electrical device at the same rate as if your device was plugged into a regular charger in a wall socket. It will charge the average cell phone at least twice, before it needs to be recharged again in the sun.

An additional feature of the Solio Charger is that you can also charge it with a regular electrical wall socket. When charging in this way, it takes the Solio 4 hours to be fully charged and ready for the road. Once the Solio is fully charged, it will keep its charge for about a year without the need for recharging (if unused).

The Solio can also be used to charge an electrical device directly from the sun. When it is used this way, 60 minutes of sunlight will provide about 25 minutes of talk time and 10 hours of standby on the average cell phone. Charging an iPod directly from the sun for 60 minutes will provide roughly 60 minutes of playtime.

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