Reliable Steamboy T1 Chemical Free H2O Steam Mop with 6 Microfiber Replacement Pads

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The Shark Steam Mop – A Really Green Clean

Are you interested in the Shark Steam Mop? If so, you are in good company. A growing number of people are interested in methods of cleaning “greener”, and one of these ways is to clean with steam. Many of us are concerned about toxic chemical residue in our homes, as well as the impact of those same chemicals on our environment. Personally, I became more interested in cleaning without chemicals when I read a report about stay-at-home-moms being at increased risk for certain types of cancer. The theory is that they are more exposed to cleaning chemicals on a daily basis, and therefore more susceptible. That got my attention!

There are also other health concerns regarding cleaning products. A recent European study suggests that using household spray cleaners or aerosol air fresheners just once a week can increase a person’s risk of developing asthma. Another study found a higher incidence of asthma among people who cleaned professionally. Many products contain skin and eye irritants.

More and more people are voicing their concerns about toxic chemicals in our environment. Cleaning products find their way into the ground water when dirty cleaning water is discarded. Government studies have shown dangerous chemicals, many of them detergents and disinfectants, in over half of the streams in the United States. Another consideration is disposal of the product’s container. Most people these days are aware of the impact of the contents of our landfills on our environment. Those spray bottles not only contain chemical residues, but simply add more bulk to our already overflowing landfills.

Always a bit of a germ-phobe, I became even more concerned after I became a mother. With my self-imposed ban on harsh chemicals for cleaning, how could I disinfect floors and other household surfaces? After some searching, I found that the answer is steam. It made perfect sense to me. Steam cleaners super-heat ordinary tap water, which kills many dangerous bacteria, including e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. I bought a steam mop, and the rest, as they say, is history. I feel that the house is truly clean now.

There are some good steam cleaning products on the market today. Although there are smaller units with attachments for various surfaces, they seem to get mixed reviews from users. The most popular seem to be the upright variety for cleaning floors. The Shark Steam pocket mop comes with three heads, and 2 reusable microfiber pads for each. I like to clean with one side, and then flip the mop to sanitize with the other side. When the cloths get dirty, they simply get washed and are ready for the next use. This is the best household cleaning investment I’ve ever made.

Marie Dadd loves to research information and products that help people live “greener”. More details on the shark-steam-mop can be found at her blog.