Oreck Steam Mop-It All Purpose Steam Wand

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Finding Good Steam Mop Reviews Before You Buy

For many people in a serious relationship, like marriage, they know not to buy cleaning items for their spouse for occasions like birthday, anniversaries, and holidays. Buying the wife a broom for Mother’s Day will not score points with her, unless she specifically asked for it. A smart man will always visit the jewelry store for those occasions.

However, a smart man will also recognize the need to keep the house clean, and make certain his wife is well equipped for the job. By doing this, he can make certain she is happy all the time, so on the next grocery shopping trip, go with her and see what she needs to keep the home clean. One of the things she will point out to you is a mop. Then, you can surprise her with a steam mop. Follow the advice below to find the perfect one for your house.

Know what your cleaning needs are. Do you have carpet and tile? Is there linoleum in your kitchen, but tile in the bathrooms? What about a wooden floor in the living room covered with rugs? All of these things need to be considered before buying any type of mop, especially if the entire house is tile, wood flooring, or linoleum.

You will definitely need a higher quality steam mop for that type of house as opposed to the house that has carpet throughout, except for the kitchen and bathrooms. It is important to note here that a steam mop does not clean carpet. That is the job of a steam vacuum cleaner, which may be a smart purchase as well.

You will also need to decide upon which mop head you want for your mop. There is a triangular mop head which is very good for cleaning in corners and tight places, but does not do so well throughout the house because it is almost specialized for the tight places. Then, there is the rectangular mop which makes the job of mopping go quicker because it is much broader and reaches more space than the triangular mop does. This one does not do so well with tight places, but can be maneuvered into them, with some jostling.

Something to consider is the time frame that the person cleaning will have every week. Will they be able to take their time and leisurely clean the floors, perhaps to a room a day? Will it all have to be done during one day, like a Saturday chore, with the rest of the family doing their chores because Saturday is the only day that everyone is home long enough to clean?

Does cleaning have to fit in between a son’s soccer game at eight in the morning and a daughter’s piano recital at 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday? Is a parent not working and can take care of all the chores during the week when no one else is home? These are all things to think about because a rectangular mop will cut the cleaning time of the floors, where a triangular mop most likely will add to the cleaning time of the floors.