Lawn Vacuums

Lawn vacuums are electric powered devices that are used to clear leaves and other debris found in a lawn. These devices are advanced versions of mechanical lawn cleaning devices that included a rolling mechanism and brushes for picking and storing unwanted material present in lawns. They have enabled people to effectively manage their lawns and give it a clean and sophisticated look desired by most lawn owners.

Lawn vacuums are classified according to the wattage of electric motors used inside these devices, which may range from five hundred watts to three thousand watts. A higher watt capacity vacuum will have more suction power and can carry more hours of continuous operations as compared to low wattage vacuums.

Most lawn vacuums have some common components such as high torque electric motors, small suction fans, garbage collection bags, and protruding exterior suction pipes.

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Most of the pipes and other attachments used in lawn vacuums are wider than those used in household vacuums, as lawn debris such as leaves and dried grass take a lot of space. If shallow suction pipes are used, the debris will block the pipes passage and effect the functioning of the lawn vacuum.

Garbage collected inside these vacuums need to be emptied on a regular basis for increasing its effectiveness and operational life.

High capacity lawn vacuums used for maintaining golf courses and other grass fields are often attached behind a tractor or an “all terrain vehicle” (ATV) for fast and effective cleaning. Household lawn vacuums are often manually operated and contain small wheels and an axel for providing mobility to users.

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It is important to purchase a lawn vacuum that performs all the basic functions and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. Users can increase the operational life of their existing lawn vacuum devices by following repair and maintenance tips given in the product manual.

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